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Theme of FDD 2019 CONFERENCE

Preparing for the next frontiers in FDD

India Pharma Inc is increasingly looking towards development of innovative and differentiated pharma products, specialty generic complex drugs or biologics and biosimilars across a range of indications for its next phase of growth.  

In such a scenario, the role of robust and efficacious formulations cannot be overstated, be it for enhancing treatment outcomes, ensuring safety and efficacy of medicines, improving patient adherence, assuring ease of use or warranting regulatory compliance. Hence, honing and augmenting skills in formulation development and drug delivery has emerged as a compelling need for pharma companies as they move from simple chemistry skills to develop capabilities in complex ones with the help of high-end R&D.

Therefore, Formulation Development & Drug Delivery (FDD) Conclave, now in its third edition, will focus on theme 'Preparing for the next frontiers in FDD'.

It will focus on the huge potential of drug development and delivery systems to create intellectual property, improve life-cycle management, gain cost and market differentiation and thus become major determinants of success.

FR&D leaders of India Pharma Inc will congregate at FDD Conclave 2019 to share their learnings as they explore and experiment with different dosage forms, compositions and drug delivery options, be it through oral, pulmonary, nasal, transmucosal or transdermal routes, in their continuous quest for improved methods of development, manufacture, and administration of medicines.

The two-day event will also highlight how pharma companies will have to continue making significant investments on new-age technologies and complete theirdigital transformation to ramp up their R&D productivity and achieve next generation of scientific breakthroughs.

Besides, industry captains will discuss strategies which will help augment their product pipelines with formulations which are faster and more efficient such as fast-dissolving drug formulations, multiparticulate dosage forms and complex drug delivery systems while retaining their cost-competitiveness.

Formulation Development & Drug Delivery (FDD) Conclave 2019

Organised by Express Pharma, FDD Conclave 2019 will be held on 7-8 June 2019 at Novotel Airport, Hyderabad.

It is a thought leadership platform for formulation scientists and R&D heads of pharma companies to come together and converse on the current and future trends in the industry, their growth drivers and challenges, as well as strategies to fast-track progress in the sector.

For the 100+ leading pharma professionals attending the event, the two-day event will give an opportunity to

  • Get updated on the advancements in India’s pharma formulations and drug delivery sector
  • Demonstrate your pharma formulation capabilities and showcase your innovative solutions
  • Gain insights from thought leaders of the pharma and biotech industries
  • Acquire access to solution providers with cutting-edge technologies
  • Discuss on the role of formulation and drug delivery in gaining a competitive edge
  • Network with who's who of the pharma industry


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